Monday, October 24, 2005


Back from Paternity leave - just in time for Miers


We have a new kid. Now I might as well go back to blogging.

Harriet Miers. It is most unfortunate that nobody has ever clearly laid out what the appropriate credentials for a Supreme Court Justice are. Suffice it to say that, were they to have done so, it is unlikely that Miers would top the list.

One can only hope that fate (or the Judiciary Committee) will intervene before Miers is put to a vote in the Senate. Despite Charles Shumer's proclamation to the contrary, I would have to guess that Miers would pass.

Here is how I handicap the situation as of today (10/24/2005):

50% probability that Miers will make it through the Committee
20% probability that, having made it through the committee, her Texas Lottery commission (more on that on another day) experience will keep her from being appointed.

In the end, that's a 40% chance that she will make it to the bench. Kind of scary given how little relevant experience she has. Had your humble correspondent but known, he would have put his name into the hat.

As always, thanks for reading.

oh yeah. *Now* you have lots of time on your hands for blogs, eh? Wel, if you need something to do, I have some dirty dishes that want washing...
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