Wednesday, July 20, 2005


And now for something completely boring.

Given the anticipated 2 year hiatus from action in the world of Social Security blogging, this webpage shall be henceforth largely dedicated to the wholly unrelated topic of the Supreme Court of the United States. On the upside, this gives me more topical material to cover, through the confirmation of the next justice and decisions as we start to learn where said justice stands. On the downside, this involves your humble correspondent exchanging a topic on which he had some amount of credentials for a topic on which he has none.

I can hear the hue and cry of my mythical readers: "but J.G., the Supreme Court simply isn't a boring subject!" Rest assured that, when viewed through the appropriate lens, the life can be drained from virtually any subject.

For those mythical readers that choose to continue on this flight of fancy, thanks for reading. For those that do not, I shall see you when the world next decides to take steps towards fiscal responsibility.

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